EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Syrian Army Tough Offensives on Terrorists Continue in Aleppo

Sun Aug 7, 2016 12:47:57

The Southwestern countryside of Aleppo city is the scene of intense battle between the Syrian government troops and Jeish al-Fatah terrorists, military sources said, adding that the government forces have gained the upper hand against the terrorists in the battlefield.

"The Syrian government forces' defensive strategy in al-Ramousiyeh and military academies has been changed into offensive," sources said.

"Special Forces of Army's colonel Soheil, known as Syrian Tiger in the battlefields, have pinned terrorists down near military academies," they added.

"Tiger Forces of the army have entered air force academy. A bomb-laden vehicle of Jeish al-Fatah has been detonated by the Tiger Forces' heavy fire in Taslih academy," the sources went on to say.

"The Syrian soldiers have also launched mop-up operation in artillery academy," the sources said.

In relevant developments on Saturday, Syrian soldiers and their popular allies fended off Jeish al-Islam's attacks on government strongholds in the Southern countryside of Aleppo for the fifth day in a row.

"Jeish al-Fatah, a coalition of over 22 terrorist groups, has sustained at least 400 casualties and scores more of injuries and retreated from the battlefields in the Southern and Southwestern countryside of Aleppo in the last five days," several army and Hezbollah commanders said.

Local sources said that five phases of large-scale assaults by Jeish al-Fatah to break through the government forces' positions and lift the siege on the militant-held districts in the Eastern part of Aleppo city have all failed.

"Scores of non-Syrian members of al-Turkistani terrorist group, who spearheaded the Jeish al-Fatah attacks in the frontline, have been killed in the last five days," the commanders added, FNA reported.


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