Syrian Army Surrounds Kinsibba in NE Latakia, Repels ISIL on Sweida

Syrian Army Surrounds Kinsibba in NE Latakia, Repels ISIL on Sweida
Sat Aug 6, 2016 16:00:20

The Syrian Marines, backed by the National Defense Forces (NDF) and Desert Hawks Brigade, seized several points near the key mountaintop town of Kinsibba this morning after a series of intense firefights with Jaysh Al Fateh (Army of Conquest) and The Syrian army repelled two attacks by the ISIL terrorists on its military positions in Sweida province.

The Syrian Armed Forces relied heavily on the Syrian Arab Air Force on Saturday morning, as they cleared a path for them after striking the terrorist rebels with a number of airstrikes over the Kinsibba front.

A field source inside northeast Latakia told Al-Masdar news this morning that the Syrian Armed Forces captured Shilaf castle and its corresponding hilltop, leaving several members of Jaysh Al-Fateh dead in the process of this latest advance near Kinsibba.

Also The army units repulsed the ISIL attacks on the villages of Tal Zalfaa and Abu Harat in the Northeastern part of Sweida province. Several ISIL military vehicles, some equipped with machineguns, were also destroyed in the Syrian army attacks on Saturday.

On Thursday, the Syrian army continued hitting the terrorists' military positions and gathering centers in Sweida province, and inflicted heavy losses on them.


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