Iran urges more realistic approach on Syria

Iran urges more realistic approach on Syria
Fri Mar 1, 2013 22:03:04

The West should take a more realistic approach to the crisis in Syria, Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi has told Press TV, the country’s 24-hour English language News Network.

“We all have to recognize the fact that there is a government in Syria that is not ready to step down and nobody - no external power or any other country in the region - has the right to ask the government of Syria to step down,” Salehi said on Thursday.
The Iranian foreign minister also called on the Syrian government and the opposition groups to resolve the conflict through dialogue.
Salehi said that only democratic elections under the UN supervision could guarantee that the Syrian people decide for the future of their country. He added that violence must end before such elections could take place.
Syria has been embroiled in unrest for nearly two years.
US Secretary of State John Kerry has underlined Washington’s determination to intervene in Syria in favor of the foreign-backed terrorist groups fighting the Syrian government.
On Thursday, the so-called “Friends of Syria” group held talks with the Syrian opposition in the Italian capital, Rome, and pledged more material support to terrorist in the Arab country.

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