UK recruits retired spies to help Syria terrorists

UK recruits retired spies to help Syria terrorists
Thu Jan 17, 2013 13:32:20

British intelligence authorities are recruiting retired spies to infiltrate Syria’s communication networks in an attempt to help armed terror groups defeat the country’s army, local media reported.

The UK’s spying chiefs have contacted dozens of retired technical experts including tracking, decoding and surveillance experts and expressed willingness to re-recruit them for especial purposes, mainly to help terrorists fighting the popular government of president Bashar al-Assad in Syria, the Daily Mirror reported.
According to the report, the British retired spies, who are based in Turkey, will give training to armed terror groups how to infiltrate Syrian army’s communications network, which has been established by Russians.
The Syrian anti-government front has received a great deal of help from the UK government so far, but empowering terrorists to eavesdrop on the country’s army forces could be considered as an unprecedented help, the report said.
Other reports had it that the UK and U.S. spying apparatuses, MI6 and CIA provide terror chiefs in Syria with satellite images from the country’s army movements and its activities.
The UK government has already been promoting bloodshed in Syria through its spying agents and special troops giving logistical help, as well as communications services to terror groups and foreign mercenaries fighting the Syrian government forces.
Britain, U.S. and their NATO allies usually resort to military adventurism to both silence alternative voices around the world to their own advantage and create lucrative markets for their weapons industries by triggering wars and conflicts across the globe.