VIDEO: Syrian Army, Hezbollah, Iraqi Units Replace Popular Forces in Nubul

Thu Feb 4, 2016 18:20:48

Syrian army, Hezbollah and Iraqi resistance units replaced the popular forces in the Eastern parts of Nubul and al-Zahra towns whose siege was broken on Wednesday afternoon, FNA reported.

The army broke the terrorists' four-year-long siege of Nubul and al-Zahra in the Northern Aleppo province on Wednesday afternoon.

The Syrian, Hezbollah and Iraqi forces replaced the popular forces who have become tired of fighting against the terrorists in the past four years to start serious purging operations in the region.

The field sources told FNA on Thursday that Mayer town which is the main stronghold of terrorists in the Northeastern parts of Nubl is now under the fire of the Syrian and Russian warplanes as well as the resistance forces' artillery units. Mayer has also turned into a major depot for the terrorists' weapons and equipment.

The siege of the strategic towns was removed after four years in an army offensive from the Eastern side of the two towns on Wednesday, while other units of the Syrian army also managed to purge terrorists from 80 percent of the village of Ma'arasa al-Khan.

Reports from Syria said on Wednesday evening that the Shiite residents of Seyede Zeinab region in Damascus, who have been under the terrorists' continued missile and rocket attacks in the last several years, have poured to the streets to celebrate the army's groundbreaking victory in Nubul and Al-Zahra. The last rocket attack on Seyede Zeinab region claimed tens of civilian lives only last week.

In addition to the significant advances of the Syrian government forces in the Eastern territories of Aleppo, the Syrian army and its allies were engaged in a heavy battle in the Northern and Northwestern parts of the province to remove the militants' siege on the two towns.

Also yesterday, the Syrian Army and popular forces, in a rapid joint offensive, surprised the ISIL terrorists and drove them back from their strongholds near two small towns in the Eastern countryside of Aleppo city.

The Syrian army and the National Defense Forces (NDF) continued to advance against the ISIL and won back the small town of As Sin in the Western part of the newly-liberated al-Maksour and the village of al-Uweinat.

Tens of the ISIL combatants were killed or wounded in the pro-government forces' assault and their military hardware and vehicles were damaged.

Also on Wednesday, a senior commander of the Fath al-Halab (Conquest of Aleppo) terrorists group fled the battle against the Syrian army in Northern Aleppo and took shelter in Turkey.

"Commander of Fath all-Halab's operations room Major Yasser Abdel Rahim has escaped to Turkey," both sides of the war confirmed on Wednesday.

Reports from Aleppo province said on Wednesday that militant groups are evacuating all villages and areas near the towns of Nubl and al-Zahra as the Syrian army, Hezbollah and popular forces continue to gain ground in nearby areas.

Field sources said the Syrian army and its allies' victories in the last 72 hours have forced the terrorist groups, including Nouriddeen al-Zinki movement (al-Nusra affiliated) to withdraw from their positions near the towns of Nubl and al-Zahra to evade more casualties.

Another report said on Tuesday that hundreds of Takfiri terrorists were trying to cross the border to Turkey after losing vast grounds and dozens of their friends in the Syrian army's massive operations in Northern Aleppo province.

The terrorists have sustained heavy losses as the Syrian army is hunting them down in the Northern part of Aleppo province.

Tens of terrorists have been killed and dozens more have been injured in heavy clashes with the Syrian troops in Northern Aleppo in the past three days as the army conducted massive assaults to win back more villages and towns in the region.

Reports said on Tuesday large groups of militants were fleeing their strongholds in different areas of Northern Aleppo province as the Syrian army announced that it has cut off one of the main supply routes of the militants in the Southern part of Ratyan and al-Zahra in Northwest of the province and laid siege on terrorists in one town and several villages.


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