Syrian Army Artillery, Warplanes Pound ISIL, Al-Nusra Militants’ Positions in Homs

Syrian Army Artillery, Warplanes Pound ISIL, Al-Nusra Militants’ Positions in Homs
Tue Feb 2, 2016 19:00:18

Syrian army’s artillery units targeted Al-Nusra Front gatherings and the Takfiri group’s bases in the rugged areas of Homs province in Central Syria.

Conducted in Um Sharhsouh and Tal Abu Sanasel in the Northern parts of Homs province, the attacks inflicted heavy losses and huge physical damage on the militants.

Meantime, Syrian jets pounded numerous hideouts of armed terrorist groups and their positions near Tir Ma'ala in Talbiseh, annihilating scores of militants and their positions in the region.

Also on Tuesday, Syrian jets conducted numerous rounds of airstrikes on militants' positions in  Houla region in the Northern parts of the Homs province, destroying militants' structures and their hardware in the region. Scores of militants were killed in the airstrikes, and dozens more sustained injuries.

On Monday, the Syrian fighter jets, in over 30 airstrikes, bombed heavily the ISIL concentration centers in the Central province of Homs and inflicted heavy losses on the terrorists.

The Syrian army's aircraft struck the ISIL strongholds near Palmyra, al-Maqaleh region and near the village of Um Sahrij, which left tens of the terrorists dead or wounded and destroyed their military grid.

The NDF, in their turn, raided the terrorist groups' sited and positions in al-Gharbiyeh region and near the village of Ein al-Hossein in the Northern farms of Homs province, which claimed the lives of several terrorists, FNA reported.


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