VIDEO: Syrian Army Troops Retake Strategic Tal Jabin Village in Aleppo

Mon Feb 1, 2016 22:09:32

The Syrian army troops backed by popular forces have regained another strategic village near Bashkoy region in the Northern part of Aleppo province, FNA reported.

The Syrian troops won back Tal Jabin village about three kilometers from Bashkoy town in Aleppo province.

Scores of militants were killed and injured in heavy clashes with the Syrian troops.

The Syrian armed forces also killed Abu Saleh Al Dieri, a Jaish Al Sham military leader, in Tel Jibbin in the Northern parts of Aleppo province.

Earlier today, the Syrian forces seized back strategic village of Doweir al-Zaytoun near Bashkoy, killing scores of militants.

The army units inflicted heavy losses on the militants in daylong fierce clashes.

The ISIS left behind tens of the dead and wounded members and fled the battlefront.

The army and its allies are now fortifying their newly captured positions in the battlefield.

In a relevant development on Sunday, the Syrian Army and popular forces continued to advance against the ISIS terrorists in the Eastern part of Aleppo province, and seized full control over one more heights after several hours of tough battle.

The Syrian army troops and the National Defense Forces pushed back the militant groups from Tal Maksour near Aleppo's thermal power plant.

The Syrian government forces also gained control over several checkpoints of the ISIS near the power plant.

"During the recent days, the pro-government forces have been making steady gains in Northwestern parts of Syria, being able to drive the militant groups back from more territories in the region."

The Syrian fighter jets also have been targeting the militant groups' positions in the Aleppo province in recent days.

On Saturday, the Syrian army engaged in heavy fighting with the militant groups in three neighborhoods of the Northern city of Aleppo and inflicted major losses on the terrorists.

"The militant groups' strongholds in the neighborhoods of al-Sheikh Saeed, al-Salihin and Bani Zeid came under attacks of the Syrian army, which not only left several militants killed or wounded but destroyed their military.


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