EXCL VIDEO: Syrian Army Advancing to Free Besieged Towns Since 2012

Wed Feb 3, 2016 11:40:42

Syrian Army nears liberation of Shiite towns of Nubl & AL-Zahraa which are besieged since the summer of 2012.

Two days ago Syrian government troops and allied forces stormed and captured the village of Tall Jibin after launching a surprise offensive in northern Aleppo. In the same day (February 1st) syrian Army 4th Division seized several lands in al-Mallah.

The Syrian Army has been heavily embattled with ISIS and Jaish al Fateh terrorist Group in the eastern and southern countryside of Aleppo.

Latest Syrian army advancements show troops pushing to break a persistent siege on the predominately Shiite towns of Nubl and Al Zahraa which has lasted since the summer of 2012.

Just a few miles split Nubl & Zahraa from the government-held mainland in Aleppo; however, the area is heavily mined and littered with improvised traps placed by local rebels.

The capture of Tall Jibin indicates that government troops are attempting to push around the mined area on the outskirts of Aleppo city as to outflank rebels and push towards the long-term besieged towns of Nubl and Zahraa.

Recapturing Shiites towns not only allow for supplies to reach the inhabitants of Nubl and Zahraa but also block Turkish supplies from flowing through Azaz onto terrorist-held suburbs of Aleppo.

Also government troops at al-Mallah are just a few miles from having encircled terrorist inside Aleppo city entirely. Effectively, terrorist in Aleppo – largely represented by Jaish al-Fateh and Jabhat al-Nusra – could easily find themselves unable to protect several vulnerable frontlines across the province.

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