Syrian Army Troops Retake Full Control of 5 New Villages in Aleppo + VIDEO

Sun Dec 13, 2015 11:28:49

Syrian army troops backed by popular committees established full control over the villages of Mreikes, Abu Roweil, Qreihiyeh, al-Sei’biyeh and Dalameh south of al-Arbaeen Hill in the southern countryside of Aleppo Province.

Special military tactics suitable for the geography of the five villages were used in the army operations, a military source said, describing these operations as “swift” and precise.”

The army units later combed the area and dismantled the explosive devices and mines which the terrorists had planted before many of them were killed and injured and the rest fled away.

The terrorist organizations acknowledged on their social media pages the death of a large number of their members in the course of the military operations in Aleppo.

The so-called “Al-Jabha al-Shamiyeh” in particular said the leader of its “central force” who is named Ahmad Kheirallah was killed in the northern countryside of Aleppo.

In this countryside, which is considered the terrorists’ lifeline across Turkey, the army units targeted Jabhat al-Nusra sites and supply routes, destroying a number of their vehicles and gatherings in Hreitan town and a bulldozer in the village of Tal Mseibian.

Terrorists’ hideouts were hit in army airstrikes in Daret Ezzeh in Aleppo western countryside and to the north of the Thermal Station in the eastern countryside.

In Aleppo city, the army inflected heavy losses upon terrorist organizations in the neighborhoods of Karm al-Tarab, al-Ramouseh, Suleiman al-Halabi, Aqyoul, Karm al-Maisar and al-Maasaraniyeh.

A vehicle equipped with a heavy machinegun was destroyed in an army operation in Bani Zaid neighborhood in the city.

Other army units destroyed ISIS terrorists’ sites, positions and vehicles equipped with machineguns in the villages of Rasm al-Kabir, Jarrouf and Beijan in the eastern countryside of the province; MNA reported.


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