Syrian Army Forces Pound Takfiri Terrorists in Damascus Province + VIDEO

Sun Dec 6, 2015 18:32:42

The Syrian Army troops killed large groups of Ajand al-Sham militants, including their top field commander, in a massive raid on their concentration centers in Damascus province, provincial sources said Sunday.

Ajnad al-Sham defense lines in al-Marj region came under massive attack of the Syrian army troops, inflicting a heavy death toll on them, the sources said.

They further added that Salahuddin al-Sulayk, the commander of the terrorist group in the said region was among the killed militants in the army attack.

Earlier reports said that the Syrian Army troops' operation against the so-called Jeish al-Islam militant group near Douma in Damascus province on Sunday claimed the lives of several militants, including a notorious sniper.

Mahmoud al-Kallas, known as Abu Khalil al-Hout, and four other militant were killed in the Syrian troops' offensive in Douma in the Eastern Ghouta.

The militant group's military grid also sustained heavy damage in today's attack of the pro-government force on their positions.

The Syrian army and its allies have not left any chance for the militant groups to fortify their defense lines, and have stormed their positions across the Damascus province from both ground and air.

On Saturday, the Syrian army made more military gains in the province of Damascus, and took control of strategic farms near the village of Marj al-Sultan.

The army units captured all the farms to the North of Marj al-Sultan village and headed for the villages of Harasta al-Qantara and Nuleh.

The Syrian army also destroyed at least three military positions of Takfiri terrorists in the surrounding areas of Marj al-Sultan Airport as the Syrian troops are still continuing their advances in Eastern Ghouta.

The army also destroyed the military positions of Jeish al-Fatah Takfiri terrorists in Harasta and Jobar regions of Damascus province. FNA reported.


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