Syrian Army Units Killed over 53 Terrorists in Homs, Hama, Aleppo + VIDEO

Thu Dec 10, 2015 15:00:43

Terrorist positions in different areas have been targeted by Syrian Army units and Air force. Dozens of terrorists have been killed and their headquarters and vehicles have been destroyed.

The army units and air force targeted terrorist positions in various areas on Thursday, destroying headquarters and vehicles and killing dozens of terrorists.

In Hama Army units killed more than 53 terrorists and destroy 10 of their machinegun-equipped vehicles in Maakar al-Shamali and al-Rahajan in the countryside of the central Hama province, a military source said.

In Homs the army’s air force destroyed positions for ISIS terrorists in al-Qaryatain, al-Sukhneh and Rahoum in the countryside of Homs province.

In Aleppo the army’s air force carried out several sorties targeting the terrorist organizations’ headquarters and movements in Jarouf, Ein al-Beida, al-Bab and Anadan in the countryside of Aleppo province; SANA reported.


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