RAF Missile Strikes ISIS Key Oilfield in Syria, Drone Destroyed Truck Bomb in Iraq + VIDEO

Sun Dec 6, 2015 12:12:08

The full might of the RAF's strike force has been unleashed for the first time against ISIS as warplanes hit a key oilfield in Syria – while a drone destroyed a truck bomb in Iraq.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon announced that the RAF would move to round-the-clock bombing raids and taunted the terrorists that they will enjoy no respite at Christmas.

He also revealed that ISIS headquarters would be the next target.

Tornado GR4 strike jets were joined by Typhoon fighter-bombers and a drone in a co-ordinated, full on blitz on terrorist targets.

The first dramatic footage was released of the moment an RAF bomb obliterated an oilfield.

Air crews personally raised concerns with Ministers over delays in receiving critical engine parts.

Mr Fallon visited RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus this weekend and announced the tempo of the bombing raids would increase over the next few weeks, saying: 'ISIS don't do Christmas, so we've got to keep the effort up all the way through.'

From today, more missions will be launched as part of a new phase of the campaign.

Mr Fallon added: 'We are going to use force against them in the headquarters, their command and control, their logistics, but also in the infrastructure that supports them.'

But the Defence Secretary admitted the campaign would not be 'short or simple' as Britain and its allies were facing up to a 'death cult' that could not be negotiated with. 'We face a new kind of enemy that makes no demands,' he said.

Mr Fallon described Friday night's blitzes as 'our biggest night yet' against ISIS targets, featuring a combination of aircraft and drone strikes over Syria and Iraq.

Two Tornado GR4s and two Typhoons blitzed an oilfield in eastern Syria believed to raise millions of pounds for the terrorist group. At the same time, a remotely piloted RAF Reaper drone fired a Hellfire missile to destroy an ISIS truck-bomb near Sinjar in Iraq. Dailymail reported.





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