ISIS Able to Attack West with Chemical, Nuclear Weapons in Near Future

ISIS Able to Attack West with Chemical, Nuclear Weapons in Near Future
Sun Dec 6, 2015 10:20:02

ISIS army of scientists set to wage chemical and biological war on West, Experts warn weapons of mass destruction “have been carried undetected” into Europe Union


A European Parliament report has warned that ISIS has already smuggled CBRN material into the EU

ISIS has recruited experts with chemistry, physics and computer science degrees to wage war with weapons of mass destruction against the West, a shocking European Parliament report has claimed.

The terror organization, according to the briefing document, “may be planning to try to use internationally banned weapons of mass destruction in future attacks.”
The document, which was compiled in the aftermath of the deadly attacks on Paris claimed that ISIS has already smuggled WMD material into Europe. 


Police even have access to Geiger counters, pictured, to help detect any nuclear or radiological material

Experts fear that ISIS will be able to exploit a failure of EU governments to share information on possible terrorists.

Already, British police forces have been conducting exercises on how to deal with various types of terrorist attack. But the EU report claims that government should “consider publicly addressing the possibility of terrorist attack using chemical, biological, radiological or even nuclear materials.”

The report, ISIS/Daesh and ‘non-conventional’ weapons of terror warns: “At present, European citizens are not seriously contemplating the possibility that extremist groups might use chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear (CBRN) materials during attacks in Europe. Under these circumstances, the impact of such an attack, should it occur, would be even more destabilizing.”


Last week, police firearms instructors, pictured, played the part of terrorists mock attack on London

Rob Wainwright, head of Europol said after the attacks on Paris: “We are dealing with a very serious, well-resourced, determined international terrorist organization that is now active on the streets of Europe.

“This represents the most serious terrorist threat faced in Europe for 10 years.”

Mr. Wainwright warned that ISIS had serious capabilities in terms of resources and manpower.”

Nomi Bar-Yaacov, Associate Fellow in Chatham House’s International Security Department said: “There is a very real risk of ISIS using unconventional weapons in Europe and beyond.”


The Metropolitan Police has dramatically increased training for its firearms officers because of the ISIS threat

Wolfgang Rudischhauser, Director of the Weapons of Mass Destruction Non-Proliferation Centre at NATO said: “ISIS actually has already acquired the knowledge, and in some cases the human expertise, that would allow it to use CBRN materials as weapons of terror.”

The report claims “ISIS/Daesh has recruited and continues to recruit hundreds of foreign fighters, including some with degrees in physics, chemistry and computer science, who experts believe have the ability to manufacture lethal weapons from raw substances.”


Armed officers stormed the building during the mock terrorist attack in London as part of the exercise

EU governments have been warned to watch out for “other radicalized individuals, who have access to, or work in, sensitive areas.”

Intelligence services have also been warned to screen returning terrorist fighters for “specialist CBRN knowledge.”

The shocking study claims that 150 cases of nuclear or radiological trafficking are reported annually.

Worse still: “CBRN substances have been carried undetected into the European Union.”

“Interpol’s monthly CBRN intelligence reports show numerous examples of attempts to acquire, smuggle or use CBRN materials.” Dailymail reported.


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