Iran’s Embassy in Kuwait Rejects Confiscated Arms Media Report

Iran’s Embassy in Kuwait Rejects Confiscated Arms Media Report
Thu Sep 3, 2015 15:04:46

Iranian Embassy in Kuwait on Thursday strongly objected the antagonist media reports on Iran’s involvement in a confiscated arms and munitions file in that country.

 'The Islamic Republic of Iran's Embassy in Kuwait hereby expresses deep dissatisfaction about including Iran's name in an internal affair of Kuwait on discovery and confiscation of arms and ammunitions,' reads the communiqué.

The embassy adds that since it is claimed that an Iranian citizen has been arrested in relation with that file, but before officially informing the Iranian concerned official bodies the news on the matter are published in Kuwaiti media the IRI Embassy in Kuwait wishes to mention a few points respectively:

1. The Islamic Republic of Iran's Embassy has thus far received no official information about the identity of the claimed Iranian citizen who is said to be arrested and being accused by concerned officials. The embassy hereby asks the Kuwaiti officials to provide the required access in that respect.

2. The Islamic Republic of Iran expresses deep sorrow over the continuation of systematic negative propagations of that country's (Kuwait's) media against bilateral relations, based on accusations none of which have thus far been proved in official Kuwaiti sources.

3. The nature of Iran-Kuwait relations is contrary to the acceptance of such accusations that are mentioned in the complaint made by the Kuwaiti Prosecutor's Office. The Islamic Republic of Iran has always emphasized the need for safeguard the regional countries' security and steadfastly performs its constructive role in preserving the regional peace and security.

Kuwait Prosecutor's Office on Tuesday agreed with continued arrest of 25 Kuwaiti citizens and an Iranian, accused of keeping war arms and ammunitions and announced that their court hearing session will be held; IRNA reported.

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