3 Saudi Brothers Arrested over Terror Links on Kuwait Mosque Attack

3 Saudi Brothers Arrested over Terror Links on Kuwait Mosque Attack
Tue Jul 7, 2015 16:02:07

The security spokesman for Saudi interior minister said that the investigation launched in Kuwait, one of the three brothers who carried out the terrorist attacks arrested in Kuwait, the second one in Taef, and the third one in Khafj, Al-Alam News Network reports.

Saudi Arabia's interior ministry said it arrested three brothers for links with the terrorist attack in Imam Sadiq Mosque in Kuwait that left 27 worshippers dead.

"As part of the investigations launched into the terrorist attack and in coordination with the competent security agencies in Kuwait, the exchange of information and the joint action have focused on three Saudi brothers who had links with the terror blast in Imam Sadiq mosque," a spokesperson for the ministry said early on Tuesday.

"Two of the three brothers were born in Kuwait and their fourth brother is currently in Syria with the ISIS terrorist group there. One of the suspects was arrested in Kuwait and there are arrangements being taken to deport him to Saudi Arabia. The second brother was arrested in Taef while the third was spotted in Khafji and the police placed the house in which he was hiding under siege," the spokesperson said.

The suspect fired at the policemen surrounding the house as they asked him to surrender, he added.

"The police fired back as is stipulated in the regulations and eventually stormed the house where they arrested him. Two policemen were injured in the exchange of fire and were transferred to a hospital for treatment," he said.

Since May 22, suicide attacks on three Shiite mosques, two in Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province and one in Kuwait, have left more than 50 worshippers dead and hundreds of wounded. Terror group ISIS said it was behind the deadly blasts.

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