Video: Gaza resistance forces use advanced launch pads

Mon Jul 14, 2014 13:16:16

Palestinian Quds Brigades have released a new video footage of the launching of a new, more powerful missile from an advanced launching pad in the Gaza Strip.

The new missile, which is classified as “Baraq-100,” was fired towards the Israeli regime’s military installations in the Natanya region of the occupied territories, al-Alam reports on Monday.

With the persisting pounding of the Palestinian population in Gaza’s residential areas by the Israeli forces, the resistance movements within the besieged enclave have begun launching new types of projectiles towards Israeli-controlled occupied territories.

The deadly attacks by the Zionist forces have so far left nearly 175 Palestinians dead and over 2,000 more injured.

Most of the casualties are reportedly women and children, as many of the areas targeted by the regime forces are homes, mosques and hospitals.


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