Israel using cancer-inducing bombs on Gaza

Israel using cancer-inducing bombs on Gaza
Sun Jul 13, 2014 23:04:47

A Norwegian physician currently in the Israeli-besieged Gaza Strip has fiercely censured the Tel Aviv regime for its use of cancer-inducing bombs against the Palestinian population.

Dr. Erik Fosse stated in a Sunday interview that the majority of patients hospitalized in Gaza are civilians injured in attacks on their homes and about thirty percent of them are children, Press TV reported.

Dense Inert Metal Explosive, known as DIME, is an explosive device developed to minimize collateral damage in warfare.

Experts say it has a relatively small but effective blast radius and is believed to have strong biological effects on those who are hit by the bomb’s micro-shrapnel.

Fosse, a department head at a university hospital in Oslo, also says some Palestinian in the besieged enclave have been wounded by a new type of weapon that even doctors with previous experience in war zones do not recognize.

Israel also used depleted-uranium and white phosphorus shells in the besieged region during their previous assaults.

This comes as Israel continues to pound the Gaza Strip for the sixth straight day. The latest Israeli airstrikes have killed at least 32 Palestinians in the besieged territory.

Palestinian sources say Israeli fighter jets have hit nearly 200 targets over the past 24 hours.

At least 167 people have lost their lives and more than 1100 others injured in Gaza since Tuesday when the Israeli attacks began.

People have held a funeral in Gaza for the Palestinians who have been killed in Israeli attacks on the coastal enclave. The participants in the funeral condemned the US support for Israel.


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