Hezbollah slams Arab, UN silence on Israel atrocities

Hezbollah slams Arab, UN silence on Israel atrocities
Fri Jul 11, 2014 00:01:41

Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah has lashed out at persisting “Zionist aggression” against innocent civilians in the Gaza Strip blasting the continued silence of Arab regimes and the international community toward the Israeli atrocities.

"This criminal aggression is a continuation of the ongoing Zionist war on the Palestinian people since before the establishment of the occupying entity and the seizure of the land and rights," Hezbollah said in a Thursday statement.

"It is a shame that all this murder, sabotage and destruction occur amid the silence of the so-called the international community, and amid deeper and more bitter silence of Arab regimes that did nothing in the face of this crime that goes beyond all limits," Hezbollah further emphasized.

The Hezbollah statement also pointed out that "the Zionist enemy kills children, women and elders, and destroys homes and institutions in the harshest destruction waged against the Gaza Strip ever since many years ago."

The Lebanese resistance movement said it salutes the factions of the Palestinian resistance with "best regards" for remaining steadfast and firm in the face of the Zionist killing machine.

Stressing that "the enemy could not break the will of the resistance of the oppressed and heroic Palestinian people," Hezbollah honored them for their courage, steadfastness and resistance, insisting that "the resistance approach has proved to be the only road that leads to the pride, dignity, victory and retrieval of rights.


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