Jordan-trained terrorists killed in Syria

Jordan-trained terrorists killed in Syria
Fri Aug 23, 2013 11:25:05

A number of terrorists have been killed in an ambush attack by Syrian armed forces near the Syrian capital, Damascus, al-Alam reports.

The ambush was carried out on Friday when the terrorists, trained in Jordan, tried to attack army troops in Rif Dimashq governorate.

Our correspondant said that the army also inflicted heavy losses on the foreign-backed militants in the recent days in the region.

The armed forces also made major gains against the terrorists in several suburbs of Damascus including Khan al-Sheikh and Jobar.

The Syrian army on Thursday targeted militant strongholds in al-Mu'addamiyah Dariya, al-Qaboun and al-Husseiniya.

Syria has been gripped by deadly unrest since 2011. According to the United Nations, more than 100,000 people have been killed and millions of others displaced in the violence.

According to reports, Western powers and their regional allies, especially Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey, are supporting the militants operating inside Syria.


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