AL condemns Israel aggressions on Palestinians

AL condemns Israel aggressions on Palestinians
Mon May 13, 2013 21:54:34

Arab Leaders have strongly condemned recent Israeli aggressions against Palestinians in an extraordinary meeting of Arab League and called on the UN Security Council to act on the matter.

The meeting, which also focused on the detention of Grand Mufti of al-Quds Mohammed Hussein by Israeli forces, was called for by Acting Palestinian Authority Chief Mahmoud Abbas in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, on Sunday.

On Wednesday, the Israeli police said Mufti Mohammed Hussein was arrested at his home over suspicions of ‘involvement in Tuesday clashes in Al-Aqsa Mosque’. The mufti is in charge of al-Quds Islamic holy sites including Al-Aqsa Mosque.


On Tuesday, violent clashes erupted between the Israeli settlers, soldiers and Palestinians following the entry of some 100 Israeli settlers into Al-Aqsa Mosque. Several Palestinians were reportedly injured, and several others were arrested.


Palestine representative, Barakat al-Fara, told the gathering that such acts will continue unabated as the long as the occupation exists.


The chairman of the session, for his part, condemned the Israeli aggression but didn’t allude to any new decision against such belligerent acts.

“The Israeli provocations that include an illegal blockade, an economic siege, the Judaization of al-Quds, and the continuous construction of [Zionist] settlements, indicate that Israel is not willing to achieve a just and lasting peace that would be based on international resolutions,” Egypt's Permanent Representative to the Arab League Ahmad Atta told the meeting.


Analysts say mere condemnation of Israeli aggressions is not likely to satisfy the Palestinian, Arab, and Muslim public opinion.


“The UN Security Council is the only body responsible for upholding international peace and security, and we have to admit that only the Security Council in today's world order can stop such dangerous aggressions like the ones taking place in Palestine at the hands of the Israeli occupation, or the recent aggression by the Israelis on Syria,” said Arab League Secretary-General Nabil al-Araby.


Observers say the Cairo meeting shows that the wake-up calls from the wave of Islamic Awakening across the Arab world has not reached the Arab League yet.


“At the time when the Israeli occupation continues with its relentless aggression in al-Quds, the Arab League has to cancel its so-called peace initiative that should have been considered dead by now,” said Arab journalist Ahmad Sobei.

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