Syria deploys missiles over Israel threat

Syria deploys missiles over Israel threat
Mon May 6, 2013 22:59:10

Syrian army has deployed its missiles toward the Israeli regime targets after regime’s aggressive airstrike near Syrian capital, Damascus.

According to media reports on Monday, fallowing Israel’s violent attack on Syrian soil, the Army is now on alert to defend its soil against further possible Israel threats.

The marked targets would be hit if Israel attacked Syria again, a Syrian State TV report quoted officials as saying, adding that the Syrian troops have been told to respond to any attack without waiting for orders from the supreme command.

"The Syrian missiles are ready to hit specific targets in case of any new breaches," the report said.

Israel attacked a research center in the suburbs of the Syrian capital on Sunday following heavy losses of al-Qaeda-affiliated groups at the hands of the Syrian army.


The attacks, which were seen as a provocative move threatening regional security, were the second time in a week.


Syrian government released a statement on Sunday that the Israel’s airstrike on Syrian soil have opened the door "to all possibilities" and made the situation in the region more dangerous.

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