Turkey, Qatar facilitated Zionists’ attack on Syria

Turkey, Qatar facilitated Zionists’ attack on Syria
Fri Feb 1, 2013 22:26:57

A Syrian strategic affairs expert has described the Zionist regime’s airstrike on Syrian soil as a failure for anti-Syrian Front, which was carried out in close cooperation between the U.S., Turkey and Qatar.

In an interview with the Al Alam News Channel, Salim Harba said the crisis in Syria was actually a proxy war for the U.S. and Israeli regime, in which the Zionist regime got involved directly by attacking Syria after failing to overthrow the government of President Assad militarily and through terrorist plans.
The Syrian analyst noted that enemies are put in a bottleneck after the beginning of a political process in Syria, besides the Zionist regime has encountered a political confusion after sustaining defeat in the Gaza war and holding an unsuccessful election.

Harba pointed out that the Israeli airstrike was fruitless for the regime, reiterating that “the Zionist regime, with the help of the U.S., Turkish, and Qatari spying apparatuses, had planned the attack 10 days before a Tel Aviv meeting, for which the White House had shown a green light”.

“The Zionist regime had repeatedly tried to aid armed people to dominate research centers in Syria. But it failed, however, and eventually attacked Syria directly” the Syrian expert added.
He noted “this invasion shows the political, security and military attempts at the regional and international levels have faced an actual defeat”.
The Syrian analyst stressed that Syria reserves the right to respond to this assault at proper time and place, and with appropriate tactics and techniques through sea, land, or air.
Asserting that this invasion has targeted the axis of resistance in the region, Salim Harba emphasized that “Syria will either respond to this action directly or its allies will not leave the assault unanswered”.
He warned that Syria’s response to this assault will be very harsh, since many of the Zionist regime’s military or research targets, such as “Technion”, the research and industrial university in Haifa, or “Ta’a”, the aviation industry center, “Raphael”, the military corporation, “Tadira” or the  Israeli Dimona nuclear plant are in Syria’s spitfire range.

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