Israel strike on Syria 'unacceptable': Russia

Israel strike on Syria 'unacceptable': Russia
Thu Jan 31, 2013 19:09:56

Russia warned on Thursday that any air strike against Syria would be "unacceptable," as the Zionist regime maintained a strict silence on reports it had bombed Syrian targets.

Russia's foreign ministry said it was "deeply concerned" after Damascus said a research center had come under Israeli fighter jet attack at dawn on Wednesday.
"If this information is confirmed, then we are dealing with unprovoked strikes against targets located on the territory of a sovereign state, which brazenly infringes on the UN Charter and is unacceptable, no matter the motive used for its justification," said a statement in Moscow.
On Wednesday, the Syrian army said two people were killed and five others injured in an Israeli airstrike on a research center in Jamraya, near the capital, Damascus.
"Israeli fighter jets violated our airspace... and carried out a direct strike on a scientific research center in charge of raising our level of resistance and self-defense," the army general command said.
The warplanes entered Syria's airspace at low altitude and under the radar, the army said.
"They... carried out an act of aggression, bombarding the site, causing large-scale material damage and destroying the building," state television quoted the military as saying.
Residents told AFP six rockets hit the complex, partially destroying it, causing a fire and killing two people.
Commentators said the modus operandi was very similar to a 2007 bombing raid on a Syrian nuclear facility at Al-Kibar, widely understood to be an Israeli strike but never acknowledged by the Zionist regime.
The United States, which is currently hosting Israeli military intelligence chief Aviv Kochavi, also declined to comment.

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