ISIS in Australia: Attacker Stabs Man with a Machete-Like Knife

ISIS in Australia: Attacker Stabs Man with a Machete-Like Knife
Sun Sep 11, 2016 12:37:49

A 22-year-old knife-wielding man inflicted multiple wounds on a 59-year old victim and attempted to stab an officer in Sydney suburb on Saturday after reportedly pledging allegiance to ISIS(Also known as Daesh)

The assailant has been detained on terrorism charges.

While the suspect’s motives were not immediately made clear, he reportedly did not know the victim in person. Police believe that the man was incited by ISIS propaganda.

“We know that this person has strong Extremist beliefs inspired by ISIS,” Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn told a press conference on Sunday, referring to the assault as “planned” and “deliberate”, Australian Associated Press (AAP) reported.

The attacker, whose identity remains undisclosed as well, approached the 59-year-old local with a “large knife” in a park in Minto, close to his home in Sydney’s southwest. When police arrived at the scene, the assailant reportedly tried to stab an officer through a window. He was then detained. During the incident he reportedly shouted some words in Arabic, which indicated a link to ISis in the minds of investigators, RT reported.



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