VIDEO: Libyan Bomb Squads Destroyed 8 Tons of ISIS Explosives

Sat Sep 10, 2016 18:00:02

Libyan bomb squads successfully destroyed 8 tons of missiles, bombs, landmines and more explosive material on Friday that had been left behind by Islamic State group (ISIS, ISIL, IS and Daesh) terrorist.

Abdelsamea Haddaga, Anti-Crime Management Team told AP: "We are here today to get rid of the shells and bombs which were to be used by Daesh (Islamic State group), a joint team of Anti-Crime and Libyan intelligence removed these residuals (explosives), all with the collaboration of the engineering squad (bomb squad ) of Zliten."

The disposed explosives materials included 150 Howitzer shells, 10 surface-to-air missiles, land mines and homemade bombs.

"God willing, we will get rid of the existing quantity which consists of 150 Howitzer shells, 10 surface-to-air missiles and some homemade bombs which was manufactured by the ISIS” he added.

All the explosives were collected last week by the bomb squads during a government advance towards Sirte.

They were destroyed in a controlled detonation in territory south of Misrata.

Sirte has seen intense fighting in the last few months between government forces and ISIS terrorists, who gained a foothold in the country following the power struggle and security vacuum left in the wake of the downfall of Gadhafi's regime in 2011, AP reports.


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