ISIS Experiences Repeated Defeats After Clashes Continued Near Jazal and Arak Oil Fields

ISIS Experiences Repeated Defeats After Clashes Continued Near Jazal and Arak Oil Fields
Thu Sep 8, 2016 16:02:08

Heavy clashes between the Syrian army troops and militants were reported near Jazal and Arak oil fields, while other army units repelled ISIS attacks on Palmyra (Tadmur) and the Eastern parts of Quaryatayn in Homs on Thursday.

A field source in Homs said that the army and national defense forces continued clashes near Jazal and Arak oil fields, killing tens of terrorists, some of them foreign militants.

The source added that the air force also launched airstrikes against the terrorists' gathering centers near the two oil fields and in Sha'er region and silos in Badiya Tadmur as well as Howaisis village in Eastern Tadmur (Palmyra) and destroyed a number of their positions and bases, killing a large number of terrorists and smashing their military vehicles and equipment.

Elsewhere, the army repulsed ISIS attacks near Jazal field, Jabad Da'kanah and railway station and close to the militants' gathering centers in the Eastern parts of Quaryatayn, leading to heavy clashes and leaving dozens of the ISIS terrorists dead.

"Facing the army's fierce attacks, other ISIS members were forced to flee the battlefield," the source said.

Also on Wednesday, the ISIS terrorists sustained heavy losses and casualties in an offensive by the Syrian army in the surrounding areas of the village of Howaisis and Palmyra (Tadmur) silos in the Eastern parts of Homs province.

Scores of terrorists were killed and wounded, including non-Syrian and foreign militants, in al-Bareda and Syriatel hilltop in Eastern Homs.

Several ISIL military vehicles were also destroyed in the Syrian army attack as many terrorists fled the battle scene.

On Tuesday, Syrian army soldiers drove ISIS terrorists back from the entire heights and hills near Maher gas field in Northeastern Homs.

Syrian army men and National Defense forces struck ISIS gatherings and positions in Maher gas field, and pushes back Takfiri terrorists form Tal al-Sawaneh and the whole key heights near the field.

ISIS suffered a heavy death toll and retreated from the battlefield, FNA reported.


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