British Ex-Model Groomed Online as ‘ISIS Jihadist Bride’

British Ex-Model Groomed Online as ‘ISIS Jihadist Bride’
Tue Sep 6, 2016 18:11:07

A former British glamour model being groomed online as a ‘jihadist bride’ by ISIS says she is considering visiting the Turkey-Syria border for a third time in the next few months, but denies she wants to join the terrorist group!

Kimberley Miners, a former model, has allegedly been in contact with a British fighter in Syria, Abu Usama Al Britani, who is trying to recruit women to the terrorist group via Facebook.

According to the Times, Miners, 27, from Bradford, has been questioned by anti-terrorism police and MI5 up to four times due to her sharing ISIS videos on Facebook.

Miners, who uses social media under the alias of Aisha Lauren al-Britaniya, claims despite her “posting a lot of bombs and stuff” on social media, her interest in being extremist is merely to find “peace.”!!!!

She says she has plans to travel to Turkey this autumn and has gone there twice on “holiday” in October last year. Turkey is the most common route to enter Syria.

Miners says she was told ISIS was there to protect religion, but admitted her involvement had “got her into trouble.”

There are concerns Miners is following in the footsteps of ‘White Widow’ Sally Jones, who fled to Syria with her son JoJo in 2013, where she and the child converted to extremists and joined ISIS, RT reported.


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