Death of Australian Militant in Syria Announced by ISIS

Death of Australian Militant in Syria Announced by ISIS
Tue Sep 6, 2016 18:29:08

ISIS terrorist group announced the death in Syria of an Australian ‘militant’ convicted over a 2005 plot to bomb the Melbourne Cricket Ground, in the group's new English-language magazine.

Ezzit Raad, who travelled to the Middle East after serving time in jail, died fighting with ISIL in Manbij near the battleground city of Aleppo in Northern Syria, according to the ISIS online propaganda magazine Rumiyah, Al Manar reported.

The first edition also featured calls for lone-wolf attacks in the West, singling out targets in Australia in a biography of the Australian ‘militant’ of Lebanese origin, also known as Abu Mansur al-Muhajir.

The 38-page magazine was released simultaneously in seven languages, including English, French, German, Russian and Turkish.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said last week that more than 60 Australians have so far been killed in Iraq and Syria, while around 200 people back home had been investigated for supporting militant groups.

Ten attacks have been foiled in Australia since the country raised its alert level to high in 2014, he said, but three have taken place, including the murder of a police employee in Sydney in October.

Officials announced last week that Australia would start targeting militancy support and logistics resources in Iraq and Syria, as it broadens the scope of its air war on ISIS as part of a US-led multinational coalition, FNA reported.


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