Dozens Daesh Terrorists Killed By Syrian Army Attacks in Sweida

Dozens Daesh Terrorists Killed By Syrian Army Attacks in Sweida
Sat Aug 13, 2016 16:21:56

Syrian army carried out a fresh round of attacks on Daesh’s bases in the Northeastern territories of Sweida province, inflicting tens of casualties on the militants in past 2 days.

Syrian army men stormed ISIL's (Islamic State , ISIS , ISIL, IS and Daesh) strongholds in the village of Shinwan, leaving dozens of the militants dead or wounded.

Syrian soldiers also tracked and targeted a group of terrorists carrying a large convoy of arms and ammunition in Southeastern countryside of Daraa city, killing most of the militants and destroying their arms cargo.

Also on Friday, scores of ISIL terrorists were killed and their military hardware was destroyed in the Syrian fighter jets' bombardments Northeast of Sweida province.

Syrian fighter jets, in several combat flights, targeted heavily ISIL centers and gatherings near the village of Shinwan, inflicting a heavy death toll and major losses on the militants.


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