Russian and Syrian Air Force Pound Jaysh Al-Fateh Terrorists in Idlib

Russian and Syrian Air Force Pound Jaysh Al-Fateh Terrorists in Idlib
Sat Aug 13, 2016 08:58:48

The Russian Air Force carried out massive airstrikes over the Idlib Governorate on Friday night, targeting Jaysh Al-Fateh’s (Army of Conquest) positions at the provincial capital and nearby town of Binnish.

According to a military source at the Hama Military Airport, the Russian Air Force struck a number of Jaysh Al-Fateh military sites between Idlib City and Binnish, destroying several armored vehicles in the process.

The military source added that pro-government sleeper cells inside of Idlib City are providing coordinates to the Russian and Syrian air forces.

Recently, the Russian Air Force has intensified their airstrikes over the Idlib Governotate; this is due to the increased fighting that is taking place inside Aleppo City.

One of the reason’s for the increased Russian aerial activity over Idlib is the province’s proximity to the Latakia and Aleppo Governorates.


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