Syrian Forces Launch Massive Offensive to Capture Latakia’s Kabbani

Syrian Forces Launch Massive Offensive to Capture Latakia’s Kabbani
Sat Aug 13, 2016 13:35:27

The Syrian Marines, backed by the Desert Hawks Brigade and Hezbollah fighters, launched an imperative offensive on Friday to capture the key Latakia town of Kabbani near the Idlib border.

The offensive was launched from two different axis, with the Syrian Marines and Desert Hawks striking Jaysh Al Fateh’s (Army of Conquest) defenses at the Zuwayqat Mountains, while their allies from Hezbollah attacked from the small hilltops overlooking Kabbani from the west.

Following a fierce battle at the Zuwayqat Mountains on Friday afternoon, the Syrian Armed Forces imposed full control over this site, killing several terrorists rebels in the process of their advance.

With the Zuwayqat Mountains under their control, the Syrian Armed Forces are now in position to strike Kabbani from the southern perimeter; however, they have yet to attack the town today, AMN reports.

Aiding from above, the Russian Air Force has been flying sorties all day over the northeastern countryside of the Latakia, propelling the Syrian Armed Forces and their allies  near Kabbani.

If the rebels lose Kabbani to the Syrian Armed Forces, they will be in serious trouble at the key Idlib village of Sirmaniyah, which is located just southern of Jaysh Al-Fatehms stronghold of Jisr Al Shughour.


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