Power Transmission Towers Blown up by ISIS in Eastern Iraq's Tikrit

Power Transmission Towers Blown up by ISIS in Eastern Iraq's Tikrit
Thu Jun 23, 2016 18:16:32

A source from Salaheddin province said that ISIS has blown up five power transmission towers in Eastern Tikrit.

“ISIS blew up five power transmission towers in Albu Khudu at Southern al-Daur, 25 km East of Tikrit, and the explosion was carried out by using IEDs planted near the towers,” the source said.

ISIS has a history of destroying Iraq’s infrastructure as officials in Anbar province revealed that the terrorist organization has destroyed 80 percent of the infrastructure in the province.

Since the ISIS seizure of Anbar province in the end of 2013, the organization has struck all the infrastructure in the province, and the proportion of what was destroyed in the infrastructure amounted to 80% in different sectors including bridges, electricity, health, water and education.

Iraqi officials say Anbar needs huge funds to rebuild the infrastructure in the province, FNA reported.


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