Syrian Democratic Forces Kill 1,200 ISIS Militants in Aleppo Province in 22 Days

Syrian Democratic Forces Kill 1,200 ISIS Militants in Aleppo Province in 22 Days
Thu Jun 23, 2016 15:28:53

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have killed 1,200 members of the ISIS terrorist group in clashes with mainly comprising of Kurdish fighters, near the terrorist-held town of Manbij in Aleppo province.

Sputnik news agency reported on Thursday that the terrorists, including 5 ISIL commanders, were killed in the past 22 days near the strategic town of Manbij.

According to sources, the corpses of at least 560 ISIL members are now in the hands of the SDF forces.

In a relevant development on Wednesday, the SDF forces repelled ISIS large scale offensives near Manbij, killing 142 terrorists in the battlefield.

The ISIS stormed the SDF positions from Jarabulus, al-Bab and Maskaneh to remove the SDF siege on the trapped terrorist in the town of Manbij, but their attacks were fended off by the SDF.

The ISIS left behind at least 142 dead and many more wounded members and fled the battlefields.

Also on Tuesday, the ISIS terrorists struck the SDF strongholds near the recently-liberated village of Arimeh, Owseh Jeli, Towq al-Khalil, Mohtareq al-Kabireh, Qor'at al-Kabireh and al-Saghireh, Qor'eh, Jubb al-Ashreh, Khirbet Ashreh, Khirbet al-Rous, Naimeh, and Jubb al-Sheikh in Western bank of Euphrates river to open a way towards Manbij and save their under the siege comrades in the town, but the Kurdish-led SDF fighter did not allow them to advance.

The ISIS terrorist, who face strong defense of the SDF fighters, left behind scores of the dead and wounded members and fled the battles without any result, FNA reported.


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