Danish Daesh Pizza Baker Donates 3,000 Dollars to the ISIS Terrorists

Danish Daesh Pizza Baker Donates 3,000 Dollars to the ISIS Terrorists
Thu Jun 23, 2016 17:39:38

A Danish pizzeria owner was on Wednesday found guilty of joining Daesh(ISIS) to fight in Syria by a Copenhagen court, which marks the first case of this kind in the Nordic country.

In a historic ruling, Glostrup court resolved that the person in question enlisted with ISIS in 2013 with the intent to support the terrorists' cause, whereupon he underwent weapon training and tried to provide financial support for ISIS using his baking business, the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten reported.

The court rejected thereby claims by the 24-year old defendant, who holds both Turkish and Danish passports, that he only joined ISIS "for humanitarian reasons" and only baked bread and shared food with suffering civilians. However, the court found no testimony to back the defendant's statements.

According to the verdict, the defendant tried to return to Syria "to actively participate in the terrorists' armed struggle." Moreover, he was established to have taken out his savings of 20,000 kroner (roughly 3,000 dollars) in order to donate to the terrorists.

The prosecution demanded that the convicted "baker" should be stripped of his Danish citizenship and expelled from the country. The culprit was granted Danish citizenship in 2000, but retained his Turkish passport. As he will not become stateless, nothing prevents the Danish prosecutors from denationalizing the convict.

The judgment is no less than historic as it marks the first case against an active Daesh warrior in Denmark. Its importance may rise further as it may be used as a precedent in future cases against other terrorists. It is therefore vital that the court acknowledged that Daesh is a terrorist organization within the meaning of the criminal code.

At present, there are ten alleged terrorists indicted in Denmark, including four in absentia. In all the cases, the prosecution will try to get a conviction based on information contained in the leaked Daesh documents.

All in all, more than 125 people from Denmark are believed to have joined Daesh in Syria and Iraq.

According to the Danish intelligence service, at least 27 of them have died there, Sputnik reported.


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