Female Russian Spy Sho Set up Deaths of Seven Terrorists Executed by ISIS

Female Russian Spy Sho Set up Deaths of Seven Terrorists Executed by ISIS
Wed May 11, 2016 13:14:15

ISIS has executed a female Russian 'spy' after she infiltrated the blood-thirsty group for four years and helped kill several fighters.

Terrorists have claimed Elvira Karaeva was killed after she spent years leaking information from ISIS that led to the death of seven depraved terrorists.

The Russian reportedly passed on information about terrorists after joining an ISIS enclave in Russia's Caucasus region.

She allegedly exposed their identities, safe houses and military bases, according to the sick fighters.

The death cult - also known as Daesh - reported her death on its Russian-language blog "Istok" where they accused her of being a spy.

The report says: "Elvira gave information to the Russian special services about our brothers and sisters waging jihad… in the Caucasus Province.

"Because of her contemptible actions and close contacts with the FSB [Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation], many of our brothers and sisters became martyrs."

ISIS fighters claim the secret agent was caught after the terror cell obtained audio of her admitting she works for Russia.

The blog claims she was responsible for the deaths of: "Shakhbiev Adam, Amriev Artur, Gochiaev Biaslan, Totorkulov Temurlan, Dlugoborskiy Valentin, and Urusova Marina."

She also allegedly murdered her terrorist husband Abu Muslim by using poison.

However her reported capture and execution is yet to be confirmed by Moscow, Express reported.


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