VIDEO: ISIS Chemical Factory Seized by Iraqi Popular Forces near Heet City

Mon May 9, 2016 19:21:21

A senior commander announced on Monday that his forces have seized the ISIS giant chemical factory in the Western part of Heet in Anbar province.

"The 7th Battalion of Al-Jazeera Operations has found a big chemical compound of the ISIS," the Arabic-language Sumeria News quoted Al-Jazeera Operations Commander Major General Ali Ibrahim Daboun as saying today.

He noted that the factory was located in a region to the West of Heet city some 70 kilometers to the West of Ramadi city.

General Daboun reiterated that the bags full of raw materials for making explosives and poisonous gases have been discovered from the chemical compound.

Earlier on Monday, the Iraqi army and volunteer forces (Hashd al-Shaabi) continued their advances in Anbar province, and seized back a strategic village near the city of Mosul.

The Iraqi army and Hashd al-Shaabi are now in full control of Karabuk village in Makmour region in Anbar province.

Karabuk is the seventh village in Anbar province that has been recently won back.

The six other villages which have been seized back include Mahanah, Kudilah, Kharbardan, Kamardi, Kharaba and Qaryat Umah Awah.

Also, the Iraqi army managed to gain fire control over a strategic road.

The Mosul-Hawija road is now within the fire range of the Iraqi army to pave the way for capturing Haj Ali region, FNA reported.


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