Syrian Air Force Pounds Heavily Al-Nusra Terrorists in Eastern Ghouta

Syrian Air Force Pounds Heavily Al-Nusra Terrorists in Eastern Ghouta
Sat Mar 19, 2016 21:01:30

The Syrian air force has smashed the al-Nusra militants' hideouts and positions in Eastern Ghouta, Damascus province, inflicting a number of casualties on the terrorists, a military source said on Saturday.

"The Syrian fighter jets pounded the military positions and gathering centers of the al-Nusra terrorists in al-Marj region in Eastern Ghouta, which resulted in the destruction of the terrorists' military grid," the battlefield source said.

The Syrian air force has intensified its air raids on militants' strongholds across Ghouta region inflicting growing loss and damage on the terrorists.

Earlier this week, the Syrian government forces detected and destroyed a tunnel used by the militants in Ghouta.

"The tunnel had connected the militant groups' position to a hospital," army sources said.

Elsewhere, the Syrian army inflicted major casualties on the ISIS terrorists near key Tishrin power plant South of Damascus province.

The Syrian Army shelled an ISIS terrorists gathering in al-Ghyath region located in areas south of Tishrin thermal power plant in Southern Damascus province, leaving a number of terrorists dead or injured.

The source added that the operation, conducted after the Syrian army was tipped off by intelligence forces active in the area, delivered another crushing blow to the terrorists in the Damascus province, reported by FNA.


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