Al-Nusra Commander Found Dead in Mine Explosion in Quneitra

Al-Nusra Commander Found Dead in Mine Explosion in Quneitra
Thu Mar 10, 2016 17:20:41

One of senior al-Nusra commanders lost his life on Thursday in Southern Quneitra province as a mine he was planting suddenly exploded, a source in the region said.

The well-informed source on the ground said, "The al-Nusra front's field commander Abu al-Fada died as one of the mines he was planting accidently exploded in Mughr Al-meer in the Northern areas of al-Quneitra province."

No further detail is available on the incident and there is no report of more possible casualties among the militants.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Army continued to push the militant groups back from more positions in several front across Syria including Eastern Ghouta and is completing a circle of forces around the militants.

The Syrian soldiers scores another victory against the al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra Front and imposed full control over Shaher Farms which paved the way for the completion of siege on the militant strongholds in Harasta al-Qantara; FNA reported.


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