Al-Nusra Front Militants Withdraw from Major Town in Syria’s Idlib Province

Al-Nusra Front Militants Withdraw from Major Town in Syria’s Idlib Province
Wed Mar 9, 2016 21:38:12

The terrorist groups in Syria admitted on Wednesday that the al-Nusra Front terrorist group is evacuating all its sites and positions and retreating from the town of Abu al-Duhur in Idlib province.

A military source reported on Wednesday that militants' coordination room has informed other militant groups that the al-Nusra Front has started the process of leaving its positions in Abu al-Duhur as part of its preparations to retreat further back to other militant held regions. 

The Al-Nusra withdrawal comes as the Syrian Army and its popular allies continue to march on terrorists' positions in areas Northeast of Latakia province at the border with Idlib province, winning back yet another key village just today.

The Syrian soldiers, the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP), the National Defense Forces (NDF), the 48th Special Forces Regiment and the Syrian Marines imposed full control over al-Zoweiqat village after an intense battle with al-Nusra Front, the Free Syrian Army (FSA), and Harakat Ahrar al-Sham.

This recent advance has now positioned the pro-government forces on the Southern outskirts of Kabani, FNA reported.

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