Syrian Army Troops Seize 3 Strategic Areas from ISIS in Aleppo Province

Syrian Army Troops Seize 3 Strategic Areas from ISIS in Aleppo Province
Tue Feb 23, 2016 21:34:18

The Syrian army, backed by popular committees, continued its advances in Aleppo province on Tuesday by taking back three key areas.

The army units seized back the strategic al-Hamam, Maqla and Uday regions on Khanaser highway in Aleppo province.

Scores of militants were killed and wounded in daylong tough battles along the Khanaser highway.

In a relevant development earlier today, the Syrian army announced that its soldiers and their popular allies have launched a new phase of large-scale operation to drive back the militant groups from the surroundings of the main supply line of the government forces from Hama to Aleppo.

"The Syrian army troops and the National Defense Forces, who captured a number of checkpoints along the Ithriya-Khanaser road, have launched a massive joint operation in both provinces of Hama and Aleppo to end the ISIS/ISIL and Jund al-Aqsa's control over chunks of the strategic road," the army said.

"The Syrian Air Force and artillery units have provided very good coverage for the ground forces," the army added.

Also, the army announced that a very intense battle is underway between the Syrian Army and its popular allies with the militant groups along the Ithriya-Khanaser road, adding that the government forces have recaptured several checkpoints in the region.

"The Syrian government forces have continued to hit the lines of defense of the ISIS and Jund al-Aqsa terrorist groups along the Ithriya-Khanaser road at Rasm al-Nafal and al-Syria Tel region towards al-Sa'an," the army said.

"Despite recapturing a number of checkpoints along the Ithriyah-Khanasser Road, the Syrian army has been unable to recapture the most important villages under ISIL control, which has left them unable to reopen this supply route," the army added.

Jund al-Aqsa is in control of Rasm al-Nafal; and ISIS is in control of Hawaz, Shillalah al-Saghireh, Raheeb, and Rawayheeb along the road, FNA reported.

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