VIDEO: Syrian Army Gains More Grounds in NE Lattakia

Mon Feb 22, 2016 13:39:59

According to military field sources, Army units restored security and stability to a number of villages, areas and heights in the north eastern countryside of Lattakia after inflicting heavy losses in personnel and munitions upon terrorist organizations.

Syrian army units in cooperation with the popular defense groups restored security and stability to Beit al-Aous village and established control over the villages of Ard al-Wata, Hakoura al-Tahtaniye, Rweiset al-Malek, Rweiset al-Maqnas, Dahr abu Asaad and a number of strategic points in the north eastern countryside of Lattakia, SANA reports.

Engineering units combed the areas and dismantled a number of mines and explosive devices which were planted earlier by terrorists before the rest of them fled towards Turkey.

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