Syrian Army Units Pound Militants Severely in Aleppo Province

Syrian Army Units Pound Militants Severely in Aleppo Province
Tue Feb 23, 2016 15:41:09

Syrian army forces and their popular allies inflicted heavy damage and casualties on the militants in massive rocket attacks and air raids on their positions in the Southern and Northeastern parts of Aleppo province, military sources said on Tuesday.

"The Syrian army units launched several rockets at militants' personnel carriers on the roads near the village of Banes in Southern areas of Aleppo province, destroying the vehicles and killing or injuring all militants on board.

In a separate operation, the Syrian jets, tracking militants' movements inside the Northeastern city of al-Bab, targeted and destroyed a number of militant vehicles, killing or injuring the terrorists inside.

The Syrian Army announced yesterday that its soldiers alongside the popular forces stormed the militant groups' positions along one of the main supplying routes connecting Hama and Aleppo provinces and took back one more key height Southeast of Aleppo province.

"The militant groups were forced by the Syrian government forces' heavy attacks to withdraw from their positions in the Eastern part of Tal al-Haman along the strategic road of Ithriya in Hama to Khanaser in Aleppo," the army said, FNA reported.

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