Crossdressed ISIS Fighters Try to Sneak away of Ramadi Dressed as Women + PHOTOS

Crossdressed ISIS Fighters Try to Sneak away of Ramadi Dressed as Women + PHOTOS
Sun Feb 14, 2016 17:35:05

Two fighters dressed in women's clothes in their bid to escape the liberated city of Ramadi as fighting intensifies at key areas across the country.

A pair of ISIS cowards tried to smuggle themselves out of a battlefield by shaving their beards off and dressing as women.

The young men were photographed with headscarves and robes on as they fled the liberated city of Ramadi.

Iraqi Government forces backed by Kurdish Peshmerga forces have been gaining ground across the war torn country.

These photographs appear to show the two young men - one of whom was drenched in blood - dressed as females as they tried to blend in with civilians in a bid to avoid capture.

The pictures posted by Shia paramilitary forces seems to show one of the men wearing a pink and black striped headscarf as his nose bleeds while the other man wore a colourful tunic.

The men were captured as it was revealed Russia is preparing to sell passenger airplanes to Iraq as well as stepping up military aid, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said.

He visited the Iraqi capital of Baghdad as part of a 100 strong group of people who flew in from Moscow to shore up relations with the country.

Russia is attempting to secure itself as a partner to rebuild the country and hopes to overtake the US by galvanising its diplomatic relationship for the purposes of commercial interests.

Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari confirmed that the country is entering into negotiations that will see Vladimir Putin's government provide enhanced military assistance to the besieged country, Mirror reported.

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