Thought to Be Dead ISIS Terrorists ‘STILL ALIVE' and 'Issuing Death Threats'

Thought to Be Dead ISIS Terrorists ‘STILL ALIVE' and 'Issuing Death Threats'
Sun Feb 14, 2016 13:41:21

A notorious ISIS terrorist who was thought to be dead has allegedly made threatening phone calls and issued death threats in a bid to stop police seizing his home.

Twisted Australian national Khaled Sharrouf, who posted a picture of his son holding the severed head of a Syrian soldier in 2014, made dozens of menacing calls and issued a death threat last year.

Security officials tried to seize a property that has been closely linked to the violent terrorist.

“He wants to foster an image he’s dead,” a law enforcement official told News Corp.

The mysterious phone calls come just days after reports of the death of Sharroud’s wife, Tara Nettleton, leaving her five children and a grandchild stranded in Raqqa, an ISIS stronghold.

Her mother, Karen Nettleton, appealed to the Australian government to do everything possible to rescue the children and grandchildren.

In 2007, Sharrouf was among nine men accused of stockpiling bomb-making chemicals and plotting terrorist attacks in Sydney and Melbourne.

He pleaded guilty to terrorism offences and was sentenced in 2009 to four years in prison.

Australia’s Deputy opposition Leader, Tanya Plibersek, called Sharrouf a “repugnant” man.

She said: “I don’t think people shed a tear when the initial reports of his death came through.

“I think these most recent reports, if they are in fact true, just show that he’s even more despicable than we thought.”, Express reported.

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