VIDEO: FBI Strange Online Game Warning Children about ISIS Propaganda

Thu Feb 11, 2016 21:06:24

The FBI has launched an infuriatingly bizarre new online game named 'Slippery Slope' featuring an exploding goat which is supposed to warn children of the dangers of becoming a terrorist.

Players are supposed to steer the goat using their keyboard around various obstacles as they rush past.

Hitting an obstacle causes the unfortunate goat to explode.

The game, which becomes increasingly difficult as the challenge progresses, broadcasts some of the twisted logic used by terrorists’ recruiters to brainwash impressionable youngsters.

Players are advised to 'avoid distorted logic' before some of the arguments used by ISIS-style groups are displayed on the screen.

The first warning issued is 'our group is under attack' which is soon followed by 'the enemy is responsible for this injustice'.

The level of propaganda gradually increases with 'we must defend our traditions' and 'the use of violence in the only way to defend our beliefs'.

Finally, players are told: 'Our violent actions will result in a better future.'

"The game, which is called 'Slippery Slope', is linked to several anti-propaganda resources"

According to the FBI: 'Extremist groups and individuals often appear in communities struggling with social or political issues.

'Rather than improving these situations or their own lives through constructive actions, violent extremists often place the blame on another person or group.

'They argue that the only solution to these problems or injustices is to violently oppose and even destroy those they claim are responsible.

'Placing blame is an effective way to recruit people with feelings of frustration and turn them into a group united by a sense of purpose. It enables extremists to invent an “enemy” that must be destroyed.

'This makes violence seem like the best solution and even a moral duty,' Daily Mail reported.


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