Syrian Army Unites Kill 40 Terrorists in Huge Depot Blast in Hama

Syrian Army Unites Kill 40 Terrorists in Huge Depot Blast in Hama
Thu Feb 4, 2016 21:39:07

The Syrian army backed by popular forces’ attacks on a huge missile depot of the Takfiri terrorists in the Western province of Hama killed 40 militants, military sources said Thursday, FNA reported.

The militants killed in the army attack were affiliated to the Jeish al-Fateh terrorist group, the sources said.

"The terrorists were killed when their depot containing TOW and Grad missiles was destroyed in the Northern countryside of Hama province, leading to a huge blast," they added.

On Wednesday, the Syrian army made military gains in the Southern parts of Hama province after massive airstrikes and artillery attacks.

The Syrian fighter jets struck the militants' gathering centers in Kafr Zita town and Ma'arkaba village in Northern Hama.

Meantime, the Syrian artillery hit hard the military positions of the terrorists in al-Tammana town and the terrorists' arms depot in al-Sirmaniyah village in Northwestern Hama.

Also, scores of terrorists were killed and wounded in fierce clashes with the Syrian troops on the outskirts of Hirbnafsa village South of Hama province.

Also yesterday, the Syrian army continued to target the concentration centers of the militant groups in the Northern parts of Hama province, causing heavy damage on the terrorists' military grid.

The Syrian army troops' offensives against the positions of the militant groups in Morek, Latmeen, and al-Lataminah in the Northern territories of Hama province near border with the province of Idlib came under the attacks of the Syria army, which not only left several terrorists dead or wounded but ended in the destruction of their military vehicles, construction machinery and weapons.

In relevant developments in Hama province on Tuesday, the Syrian army troops and their popular allies pounded Ahrar al-Sham positions with massive artillery fire, destroying one of their bases in the Southern parts of Hama province in Western Syria.

In the city of al-Suqaylabiyah in Hama province, the Syrian soldiers and popular forces kept one of the militant group's bases under their intensive surveillance and launched massive artillery fire on one of the bases when fighters gathered in there.

Reports said the base burned down to ashes and all militants in there were killed.


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