Saudi Arabia Bribing Najran Sheikhs

Saudi Arabia Bribing Najran Sheikhs
Mon Jun 8, 2015 18:17:20

Saudi Minister of the National Guard Mutaib bin Abdullah has sent gifts, worth several millions of Rials, to the Arab sheikhs in Najran in the Southeastern parts of the country to dissuade them from hosting and supporting Yemen's Ansarullah movement.

Yemen's Khabar news agency reported that Mutaib has paid 1mln Saudi rials (approximately 250 US dollar) to each tribal leaders and sheikhs in Najran along with an appreciation letter to keep them on Riyadh's side.


The Saudi activists have released documents showing one-million-rial checks sent for Hossein Mahdi al-Haidar, Massoud Bin Mahdi al-Haidar, Sal Ibn Naji and others who are among the Nijran leaders.

The report came after the Yemeni army and tribal forces attacked military positions in Najran, in Southeastern Saudi Arabia, near the two countries' borders on Monday.

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