Saudi, Jordanian Spies Arrested in Yemen

Saudi, Jordanian Spies Arrested in Yemen
Mon Jun 8, 2015 17:16:27

The Yemeni forces have apprehended a number of Saudi and Jordanian terrorists who planned to conduct sabotage operations in Yemen on Monday, Al-Alam TV reports.

The foreign terrorists who were captured in the capital Sana'a were members of a terrorist network, informed Yemeni sources said.

Last week, Yemen's Ansarullah movement announced that it had arrested 8 operatives of the Turkish and Qatari spy agencies, adding that the foreign agents carried different nationalities, including one from Sudan.

The agents, who also received backing from the Saudi spy agency, planned to conduct terrorist attacks in Sana'a and bomb the Yemeni foreign ministry.

The Ansarullah fighters have handed over the captured agents to competent authorities for further investigations, adding that the agents have admitted that the Turkish, Qatari and Saudi spy agencies had recruited them in 2014 in order to form terrorist militias to distort the image of the revolutionary committees and Ansarullah movement.

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