Saudi's New Policy Puts Al Saud Survival in Danger

Saudi's New Policy Puts Al Saud Survival in Danger
Mon Jun 8, 2015 12:27:18

Gary Sick, an American scholar at Columbia University, said that Saudi Arabia's new muscular foreign policy stems from naivety of the new rulers, stressing that such an aggressive stance will threaten Al Saud's survival.

In an article published by the Politico Magazine, Gary Sick wrote, "… the new regime almost immediately launched a military initiative in Yemen that will likely come back to haunt it and may set in motion forces that threaten its very survival."

He added, "The new crown prince, the King’s nephew Mohammed bin Nayef, is fifty-five and the deputy crown prince—the King’s favorite son Mohammed bin Salman—is about thirty. These two not only command the line of succession but also, via two new super-committees, are in charge of virtually every major institution in the Kingdom (with the key exception of the National Guard). The younger generation has gone almost instantly from being princes-in-waiting to controlling the main elements of power in the Kingdom."

Gary Sick, who also served on the National Security Council under Presidents Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan, added Saudi Arabia spends more per capita on its military and security forces than virtually any other country in the world, but that very expensive instrument had seldom been put to the test. The decision to build an international coalition and launch a full-fledged air campaign against Yemen was a remarkable departure.