Iraq Army expect to Reach Tikrit Later Friday: Governor + Video

Fri Mar 6, 2015 16:21:25

An Iraqi provincial governor says Iraqi forces are pushing their offensive against the ISIS group and expect to reach the outskirts of the militant-held city of Tikrit soon.

The battle to wrest Tikrit – Saddam’s hometown -- from ISIS is a major test for the Iraqi forces and allied Shiite militias.

The governor of Salahuddin, Raed al-Jabouri, said that fighters expect to reach Tikrit later Friday.

He told The Associated Press the Iraqi forces still have not made it to the Tikrit airport as some reports have suggested.

Tikrit, 80 miles north of Baghdad, has been under the control of the ISIS group since June.

The battle to wrest Tikrit from ISIS is a major test for the Iraqi forces and allied Shiite militias.

On Monday, Iraqi security forces launched the large-scale operation in an effort to retake the city from the militant group, but the offensive has been stalled somewhat, with military officials saying the militants strategically lined roads leading to the city with explosives and land mines.

Suicide attacks have also taken a serious toll on the Iraqi and allied forces.

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